Questions and Answers

about the DEKRA seal

What is a DEKRA seal?

What is a DEKRA seal?

  • The seal is the visible result of a successfully voluntay test carried out by DEKRA.

    Example of a seal:

  • The DEKRA seal is not the DEKRA company logo

    Company logo:

What is the DEKRA seal issued for?

  • For compliance with criteria stipulated in certain laws, DEKRA standards, national/international standards and industry standards.

What does the text on the seal mean?

  • It refers to the defined test or assessment criteria.
  • You can find more information at
  • A seal is confirmation from an expert third party that defined test criteria have been complied with.
  • The criteria that are tested are defined for this seal, publicly accessible and documented.
  • The seal does not provide any evaluation of properties not included in these criteria.

How reliable is the DEKRA seal in terms of the content?

  • Reliability when it comes to the content is one of the most prominent concerns at DEKRA. This is why DEKRA attaches such great importance to the transparency of the criteria.

Test criteria

How do I get a DEKRA seal?

To get a seal, a test needs to be conducted first.
  • Please send your inquiry to
  • or get in touch with your contact partner in the field that is relevant for you through our website at

Who defines the test criteria, and what are they based on?

  • Test criteria can be:
    • national and/or international laws or standards
    • technical regulations, industry standards, regulations of professional associations that are generally accessible or
    • based on DEKRA standards, standards defined by DEKRA in fields in which there are no appropriate existing specifications or guidelines.

Where can I inspect the test criteria?

  • You can find information on the test criteria in the DEKRA seal database.

Are the test criteria uniform for the same DEKRA seal?

  • The DEKRA seals are based on regional or national laws and regulations.
  • Seals with the same title are based on identical test criteria.

What happens with a seal when the product or service is changed or when the underlying test criteria are amended?

  • Further tests can be necessary if the general legal situation or requirements change.
  • When the product/company/system, etc., with a seal is changed as a result, this must normally by reported to DEKRA. DEKRA will take any measures that are necessary.

How can I check whether the seal is (still) valid?

  • Look for the labels with the month ring and/or year addition.
  • If a seal does not have these labels, please send an inquiry to DEKRA at

What should I do if the text on the DEKRA seal is no longer legible?

  • Send us a copy, photo, scan, etc., of the original seal and the seal carrier (e.g. packaging), and get in touch with us at

How can I get more information about a specific product with a DEKRA seal?

  • You can get information from the DEKRA seal database at
  • If you still have questions, send an email to


Can a customer use the DEKRA logo?

  • As a rule, no; the DEKRA logo is reserved for DEKRA companies for their own use.
  • Exceptions require the explicit consent of and a contractual agreement with the DEKRA Group.

How is a right of use granted to the customer?

  • A right of use is granted through the conclusion of a contract. Generally, the right of use results from the offer with the appropriate general terms and conditions of business in conjunction with the subsequent actual awarding of the test seal (possibly together with the awarding of a certificate).

How can the test seal be used?

  • The test seal may only be used in the form in which it has been issued and delivered. Changes, especially to the design, the color or the text, are not permitted. The customer may not use individual parts of the test seal but has to use it in its full form.
  • If the customer also receives the test seal in electronic form, they are entitled to change the size of the seal, but the text it contains must always remain legible and the proportions of the text and symbols may not be changed.
  • The test seal may only be used in connection with the activities, processes, systems or qualifications for which it has been issued. The test seal may not be used in a misleading way (e.g. furnishing a product with a seal that has been issued for certification of a system).
  • The customer is not entitled to assign or sublicense the right of use that has been granted, i.e., only the customer themselves may use the test seal. Use by subsidiaries, for example, is also prohibited in principle, unless this has been appropriately agreed by contract (e.g. matrix certification).
  • The test seal may be used only while the corresponding certificate is valid.
  • Other terms and conditions of use can be found in the contractual agreements.