We give you and your customers the security…

... that if there's a DEKRA seal on the outside, you'll find top quality inside.

The DEKRA seal can be awarded to companies, products and individuals. Depending on the field, the seal confirms compliance with differing regulations and standards.

The list below contains examples of types of seals awarded by DEKRA.



  • The DEKRA seal for used vehicles provides you with certainty when buying and selling used cars.
  • The DEKRA seal confirms that a load is properly secured. It is an important quality assurance instrument.

Construction and property 

  • We provide neutral, independent monitoring and documentation for all construction services on behalf of private clients, property developers and investors.



We document our certification services for you with a letter of certification and the DEKRA seal.

  • Our auditors offer a wide range of certifications according to DIN and ISO standards, industry standards and DEKRA standards.


We award the DEKRA seal for products and services in the areas of environmental protection and occupational safety and health. You can document quality, processes and ingredients with the help of our independent and voluntary inspections.

Experts from our environmental protection area evaluate companies' environmental protection measures and use the DEKRA seal to document environmentally friendly handling of sewage, waste and hazardous materials.

  • Vehicle repair workshops and refuse disposal companies, can use this seal to show their customers that they are regularly inspected for compliance with legal requirements.


Qualified employees are a key competitive factor.

  • With the DEKRA seal, we certify persons with newly acquired skills.